For CD/SACD, there are two Asian companies:

YESASIA.COM will ship for free most any order over $35USD, and another, CDBANQ.COM isn't free but more reasonable than CDJAPAN or HMV/Japan.  I've done biz with both for about three plus years with zero problems.  For UK items, both PRESTO and MDT are both $ friendly and very reasonable for shipping costs (near Amazon pricing).

             bob berkman, mojave desert usa

On Apr 15, 2012, at 6:47 PM, Thomas Stern wrote:

> The high costs of shipping a SINGLE item (e.g. a record, or video) from Europe or Asia to
> the USA is making it difficult to acquire material from outside the US unless multiple
> items can be purchased at the same time.
> Has anyone found a way to overcome this problem?
> For instance, are there any "freight consolidators" who would be able
> to collect items from different sellers, then ship the accumulated
> material to the USA when a specified threshold has been reached?
> Any ideas welcome.  Thanks.
> Best wishes, Thomas.