The Everest masters were located in a California vault in 1993 by Seymour Solomon, president of Omega Records and founder of Vanguard Classics. In recent years, some of Everest's audiophile recordings of the Belock/Whyte era have been reissued on compact disc by Collectables Records, DCC Compact Classics, Omega, and Vanguard Classics and on CD, DVD-Audio and LP by Classic Records. [1]

Is that helpful at all?

Ben Roth

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May I add my thanks, with a question?

Does anyone know to whom the rights to this catalog now belongs?
I believe the Everest stereo masters resided briefly at Vanguard where they received their best-sounding CD releases. When Vanguard was sold to Artemis the Everest recordings were not included.

I believe a British firm has issued some of the Everest stereo masters, but I don't know anything about their qaulity. It's the early stuff I'm wondering about. I hope they are not owned by a landfill.

Al Lesitsky
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> For some of us, 1968 doesn't seem too long ago, but reading the 
> Billboard release Tom so kindly dredged up was like opening a volume 
> of ancient history, when trade papers devoted such space to the 
> activities of minor classical labels. Sincere thanks for this.
> On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 5:21 PM, Thomas Stern <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Billboard Nov 16, 1968
>> Los Angeles - Everest Records has acquired the catalog of Oceanic 
>> Records, Inc., of New York, which has been dormant for some years.  
>> Included are seven operatic titles and instrumental albums, including 
>> performances featuring pianist Paul Badura-Skoda, cellist Maurice 
>> Gendron, organist Gustav Leonhardt and conductor Rene Leibowitz.
>>  Bernard Solomon, Everest presitdet, explained that the first albums 
>> of Oceanic material will be issued on Everest, including Everest's 
>> Opera Series early next year.  Some of the one-LP operatic sets smay 
>> be packaged with other operas by the same or similar composers to 
>> create multiple sets which are more economical for the boxed series.
>>  Leibowitz conducts three of the operas, including a three-LP package 
>> of Gluck's "Alceste," a title not currently in the catalog.  Featured 
>> are Ethel Semser, Enzo Seri, Jean M<ollien, Bernard Demigny, and Jean 
>> Hoffman with the ParisPhilharmonic Chorus and Orchetra.
>>  The other Leibowitz operas, both one-LP sets, are Mussorgsky's "The 
>> Marriage" with Nicolas Agroff Charlotte Des,azures, Mollien, and 
>> Alexadre Popovvitsky with the Paris Radio Symphony, and 
>> Rimsky-Korsakov's "Mozart and Salieri" with <ollien, Jacques 
>> Linsolas, Paul Jacobs, and the symphony orchestra odf Paris Radio and 
>> TV.
>>  Also included is Josef Keilberth conducting the Saxon State 
>> Orchestra and the chorus of the Dresden Opera State in a two-record 
>> set of Richard Strauss'
>> "Salome" with Christel Goltz i
>> in the title role with Bernd Aldenhoff and Kurt Boehme.  Another 
>> operatic title is Telemamn's "Pimpinone (The Unequal Marriage)" on 
>> one disk.  Featured are Helen Fuchs, Erich Lassner, the Salzburg 
>> String Quartet, and harpsichordist Jonathan Sternberg, Wolfgang 
>> Messer conductiong.
>>  A three-record package of Beethoven's "Fidelio" with Gerhard Pfluger 
>> conductiong the chorus and orchestra of Mitteldeutsche Radio of 
>> Leipzig, Margarete Bauemer, Heinz Sauerbaum and Manfred Hubner are 
>> among the featured vocalissts.
>>  Completing the operatic titles is a two-record package of Nichlai's 
>> "The Merry Wives of Windsor."  Rolf Kleinert conducts the chorus and 
>> orchestra of Mittledeutsch Radio and soloists including Theodor 
>> Horand and Boehme.
>>  One Leibowitz instrumental album has the Paris Philharmonic in 
>> Corelli's "Concerto fo Oboe and Strings," and the Paris Radio 
>> Symphony in Gluck's "Flute Concerto in G" with Rampal and Haydn's 
>> "Toy Symphony."
>>  Leibowits also is the conductor in two choral albums: Faure's 
>> Requiem with Nadine Southreau, Dem,igny and the Paris Philharmonic 
>> Chorus and orchestra, and Liszt's "Missa Choralis" with the Paris 
>> Select Choir and organist Giuseppe Englert.
>>  Leibowitz's other instrumental albums are a pairing of Bizet's 
>> "Symphony in C" and Schubert's "Symphony No.1" with the Paris Radio 
>> Symphony; a coupling of Beethoven piano concertos with pianist Paul 
>> Jacobs and the Paris Radio Symphony; and a Beethoven orchestral 
>> program  Jonathan Sternberg conducts the Vienna Academy Choir and the 
>> Vienna State Opera Orchestra in Rossini's "Stabat Mater" with tenor 
>> Anton Dermota, baritone Paul Shoeffler, soprano Ilona Steingruber and 
>> alto Dagmar Hermann as the quartet of soloists.
>>  Gendron is the soloist in a pairing of Haydn's "Cello Concerto in D" 
>> and Saint-Saens'
>> "Cello Concerto" with Sternberg and the Vienna State Opera Orchestra.
>>  Sternberg conducts
>> the Vienna Symphony in a coupling of Mozart's "Piano Concertos No. 14 
>> and 22" with Badura-Skoda as soloist.
>>  Leonhardt is the soloist in Handel's "Oboe Concertos Nos. 3 and 4" 
>> in an album with Ernst Kuyler and the chamber orchestra of the Vienna 
>> State Opera.
>>  Brahms' "Liebeslieder Waltzes, Opp.52 and 65" are performed on an 
>> album with soprano Erna Hassler, alto Hetty Plumacher, tenor Albert 
>> Weikenmeier, bass Franz Kelch, and pianists Hans Priegnitz and Hans 
>> Michael.
>>  Completing the Oceanic titles is an album of three Handel Italian 
>> cantatas featuring soprano Agnes Giebel, harpsichordist Helma Eisner, 
>> recorder Alfred Mann, cellist Helmut Reinmann, and Stuttgart's 
>> Tanstudio Orchestra under Rudolf Lamy.
>> Billboard May 20, 1950
>>  The first complete recording of Beethoven's only opera, Fidelio, has 
>> been scheduled for June release by Vox Records.  The work, cut by the 
>> Central German Broadcasting System, with Gerhard Pfleuger conduction, 
>> will be released on three long playing disks, and will retail at 
>> $18.95.  Vox licensed the production from OCEANIC Records, and 
>> American0owned indie.
>> Billboard Oct 15, 1955  550G Oceanic Oscar suit.
>> Billboard Feb 2, 1952
>> ...Period Music, producer of Renaissance, Period and Oceanic records 
>> here, is having it's LP's distributed in France under the Classic 
>> label, and in England by the Nixa Record Company.
>> ....
>> 1974  quad releases on Everest Olympic label
>> 1950  Richard Strauss' Salome
>> 1951  Rossini's Stabat Mater
>> 1952  Gluck  Alceste
>> Best wishes, Thomas.
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>> It was originally owned by Arthur whose last name escapes me at the moment.
>> I knew him.
>> He told me a story about the Rossini Stabat Mater with Dermota.  D had a
>> cold.  He sang a line and then schnochled- not an everyday word.  He
>> breathed in and cleared the mucus from his nose.  The resultant tape was
>> edited to remove the non-Rossinian pauses.  It's still a pretty good
>> performance by him.  And  the bass, whose name I also forget, who does a
>> great job with the chorus on the instrumentally unaccompanied  "Quando
>> corpus."
>> My files don't show a successor but I think their stuff came out in England
>> on Saga and I think they kept some of the line in print for a while after
>> Oceanic ceased.  I assume they sent $$ to some American outfit and, should
>> their paper records survive, they may well have this data.
>> Steve Smolian
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>> Dear List,
>> Renaissance was a label that lately engendered quite a bit of discussion re
>> ownership. I recently had a query re Oceanic, a coeval independent LP
>> label.
>> Does anyone have any information on its succession of interest, present
>> owner, etc., etc?
>> Thanks,
>> DDR
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