Hello Fuji,
I have two tape recordings by the World Record Club LTD., Surrey, U.K. which are the types you mention, half track mono at 3 3/4" IPS.  TT 545 "Close to You" - Frank Sinatra and TT 745 "Peggy Lee".  So, these are examples of the British recordings that Randy described.  Then, I also have a series of "easy listening" tapes from Bel Canto and one "monophonic"  half track demo tape from Command at 7 1/2 IPS  labeled "Channel Master Demonstration Tape"  with two excerpts from Command albums by "Enoch Light and His Orchestra".
I would guess that the two World Record Club recordings are the closest to being Jazz, but I would call them "Pop".
Rod Stephens

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Are your jazz half-track mono tapes from England?

Pre-recorded mono half-track tapes seem to be more common from
England, particularly through the early 60s.  I've got examples that
are on 5" reels recorded at 3.75 ips - one is classical and one is
pop.  Releases of the Beatles albums in mono in this format aren't

I'm not sure, but I think it may be because small portable mono reel
to reel tape recorders using 5" reels were fashionable there with
young people at the time.  They pop up in some British films of the
period, like "Peeping Tom", as accessories for 20-somethings "on the
go".  Reel to reels here in the states were more entrenched with the
home-based hi-fi crowd.


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> Hello Fuji:
> As far as a commercially-duplicated format, half-track mono was very
> short-lived. I don't know if full-track mono was ever a
> commercially-duplicated format.
> Here are two articles from Radio & Television News ...
> 1. from March 1952 is an editorial by Oliver Read describing two duplicating
> operations known to exist at that time. My assumption is that both were
> duplicating half-track mono reels, probably 7.5IPS. Both would have used DIY
> duplicating systems because Ampex did not release the first 3200 duplicator
> system until 1954.
> (paste full link into your browser, someone else feel free to give this a
> permanent home)
> 2. from April 1952 is an article by Leon Wortman (later an Ampex executive)
> describes on of the two operations mentioned by Read.
> (again, make sure to copy the full link into your browser)
> From these two sources, you might gather some facts as to what material was
> being duplicated in those days.
> There were definitely plenty of jazz albums issued in the 1956-58 timeframe
> on 2-track STEREO tapes. I know for a fact that Mercury issued a bunch of
> jazz albums, as did Atlantic and others. I presume RCA and Columbia did too,
> although I haven't seen any of those 2-track tapes. Grand Award also issued
> their "20's" and "30's" series on 2-track reels in that timeframe.
> As soon as the quarter-track format came along, mass-duped 2-tracks died out
> quickly.
> It's also worth noting that in the very early days of 2-track stereo tapes,
> a few titles were issued in staggered-head (Magnecorder) format. ConcerTapes
> and Livingston and perhaps others issued in this format. Ampex put a heavy
> foot down in favor of the in-line head standard we know and use today, and
> that was a good thing.
> Please let us know if you find out about any jazz half-track duped tapes. I
> have quite a few examples of early duped tapes, but few half-tracks and no
> jazz half-tracks.
> -- Tom Fine
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>> May I have one question?
>> My friend Miyamoto looks for commercial reel-to-reel tape of Jazz either
>> single track/mono or 2 tracks/mono (but not 4 tracks/stereo.)
>> We only know jazz reel-to-reel tape 4 tracks/stereo but never seen
>> single/mono or 2 tracks/mono.
>> Have you ever seen that?
>> Fuji
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