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> > As to why this concerns me, looking for projects in
> retirement, I decided to do a book (or perhaps a website) of
> the covers of odd LP records I have acquired in shops over
> the years.
> There have been perhaps 25 books of album covers over the
> years.  You
> would need to look at all of them to see if what you would
> have to offer
> would be different and better.

Thanks for your observation.

Fear not, I have been doing my homework. Alas, I have but 20 books on the subject, and perhaps should compile a bibliography. The main "competition" comes from those who have put up websites devoted to cover "art." is but one example. And then there are publications like "Exotica/EtCetera...a Zinealog." While I do not consider myself an authority on the subject, during my years as a curator, I did mount several exhibits devoted the less serious side of recorded sound. 

I can't promise that every cover I will offer will be a first printing since its original publication, but then, I would like to think that, like any collection it will reflect the personality and interests of the Why anyone would be interested, I don't know, but then that is perhaps too existential a question for me to explore at this point. Yet, I would like to think that Nietzche would approve.