On Wed, 4 Apr 2012, Arakawa, Steven wrote:

> How about this scenario? You like a book by John Smith. You retrieve it 
> by title Book X. The record includes a hotlink with message: More by 
> this creator. If all John Smiths are controlled by one undifferentiated 
> record, you will retrieve books by all of the undifferentiated John 
> Smiths. If each currently undifferentiated John Smith has a separate 
> authority record (a separate ID) linked to all titles created by John 
> Smith the author of Book X, I think that would be a great service for 
> the user.

  1. John Smith is certainly an atypical extreme example.
  2. I want the "Book X" and don't give a hoot about the 
misleading and intrusive hotlink.
  3. One could simply not allow any such hotlinks that relate to 
undifferentiated names.
  4. Are we (and should we be) in the business of controlling headings or 
supplying hotlinks?
  5. One forgets that such hotlinks are misleading, intrusive, probably 
irrelevant to most patron needs, quickly obsolete, and expensive to 
produce and maintain.
  6. Your last point is on the mark, as well as pointing out the absurdity 
of even creating separate authority records for each individual 
undifferentiated "John Smith."



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