The election of new members to the Program for Cooperative Cataloging Policy Committee (PCC PoCo) will soon be underway. 


PCC PoCo includes elected representatives in rotating terms from each of the component programs, BIBCO, CONSER, NACO, and SACO.  For this election only two positions are open:  one for a BIBCO representative and one for a CONSER representative.  The three-year terms of the 2012 elected members will run from October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2015.


Online voting is open from May 2 to May 31, 2012.  The PCC Secretariat uses software to email  PCC PoCo ballots to eligible voters and to receive back their votes.  Ballotbin emails each voter a registration number to access a ballot that corresponds to the program(s) in which the institution or project participates actively.  The voters are directors of full member institutions and funnel coordinators for multi-institution membership projects.  In the CONSER program, only full-level member institutions vote.  Please notify the PCC Secretariat ([log in to unmask]) if your full member institution has made a change in director or the director’s email address since May 2011.  We hope that our attentive BIBCO and CONSER members will remind and encourage their directors to vote by asking them to watch for email from Ballotbin with the following subject lines:


CONSER Rep for PCC PoCo 2012

BIBCO Rep for PCC PoCo 2012

BIBCO/CONSER Reps for PCC PoCo 2012  ( for institutions in both programs)


In mid-May, the Secretariat will send a reminder message about the election to the voters.


Our thanks to the following four candidates who have agreed to stand for election.  More information about each candidate, including a brief resume and statement, is included with the online ballot and is also at this site:




Jee Davis - Head, Cataloging and Metadata Services

University of Texas, Austin


Betsy Simpson - Chair, Cataloging and Metadata Department

University of Florida, Gainesville




Diane Boehr - Head of Cataloging

National Library of Medicine


George Prager, Head of Cataloging

New York University School of Law


The PCC Chair will announce the names of new PCC PoCo members in June.  Please direct any questions about the election to [log in to unmask].


Linda Barnhart

Head, Metadata Services Department

UC San Diego Libraries

     and Chair, Program for Cooperative Cataloging, 2011-12


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