This is wonderful news.  Thanks to the British Library for making this important decision, and other libraries working in RDA should follow their lead.

Pat Williams
Head, Monographic Original Cataloging
University of Chicago Library

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Subject: Re: [PCCLIST] Undifferentiated personal names: call for community discussion

After considering the recent discussion on various lists of the
discussion paper "The Future of Undifferentiated Personal Name Authority
Records and Other Implications for PCC Authority Work", the BL has
decided not to create any further undifferentiated NARs for NACO, nor to
add any further identities to existing NARs.

Instead, as part of our RDA training, we have asked our cataloguers to
create new NARs for persons who would otherwise be added to
undifferentiated records, following RDA, using RDA qualifers for
Profession or occupation when appropriate. Cataloguers not yet trained
in RDA will pass the work to cataloguers who are.

Effectively we've set ourselves a challenge, to see if the expanded
scope for qualifying access points that RDA offers can allow us to avoid
undifferentiated records altogether.

The BL creates and amends more than 35,000 NACO records each year, so
hopefully this will be a significant test.

Richard Moore
Authority Control Team Manager
The British Library

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