I do think this improves significantly on the previous plan, and I'm
happy to support the recommended Scenario 3, which seems to strike the
best balance between enhancement, consistency and what is practical in
system terms.

I'd also be happy with Scenario 1, where "catalogers are responsible for
figuring out on their own whether or not the 1XX field in an authority
record is suitable for use in a PCC bibliographic record". Cataloguers
are already obliged to review the form of access point in NARs where
008/10 is a or b - in other words, to understand AACR2 and to adjust the
access point if it doesn't conform to it. I don't see why this should be
any different for RDA. However, in practice Scenario 3 is more likely to
ensure consistency.

Scenario 2 is less good than Scenario 3 because a greater number of
records would be issued at once (or in a short space of time), bringing
us back to the intractable system issues that we are trying to avoid.

Scenario 4 has the same disadvantage as Scenario 2.

Scenario 5 would be a complete nightmare.

In terms of routine distribution, LC should put something in place so
that when any NAR is re-exported, 046/378 is automatically generated
where applicable.

I assume we still await a decision on the possible atomisation of
undifferentiated records, maybe also to be distributed in this process. 


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The PCC Acceptable Headings Implementation Task Group has received a
number of comments suggesting that the work plan devised by the earlier
PCC Task Group on AACR2 & RDA Acceptable Headings for manipulating the
LC/NACO Authority File for use under RDA involves the unnecessary
re-issuance of too many records over too great a span of time.  The
present task group has devised a number of alternate scenarios,
described in the attached document.  (This document is also available
from the Task Group's download site:  All these
scenarios involve the performance of RDA-related mechanical changes
described in documents previously distributed by the task group ("Dept."
becomes "Department", for example), but differ in other changes to be
made, and the schedule on which the changes are performed.

The task group invites public discussion of the merits of the original
plan and the proposed alternates, and is happy to entertain suggestions
for yet other possibilities.  Even if you've expressed an opinion on
this matter before, please do so again, as the audience may now be a bit

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