The current specification does not mention any relation between RDF and
its use in RDF and XML. Could you please simply add an official datatype
URI? In detail, the specification should define three official URIs to
refer to each of level 0, level 1, and level 2. That's all. People
interested in expressing EDTF in RDF and XML can then express relations
to XML Schema datatypes such as xs:time, xs:date, and xs:dateTime, but
first URIs are needed to point to the specification. It is much easier
to handle data with a given URI than having to guess whether EDTF was
meant to be used or whether someone just created date values that happen
to look like EDTF syntax.


P.S: URIs are mentioned in Annex A as possible method to refer to
"reliability levels". This is independent from having URIs for the
existing EDTF levels. 

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