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Excess List 2012-09
Savanuck Library

Israel's global reach: arms sales as diplomacy/ Aaron S. Klieman [1985]
355.032 K65

Defenders or intruders?: the dilemmas of US forces in Germany/ Daniel J.
Nelson [1987] 355.032 N425

Arms transfers under Nixon: a policy analysis/ Lewis Sorley [1983] 355.032

Atlas of global strategy/ Lawrence Freedman [1985] 355.033004 F853

European security policy after the revolutions of 1989/ edited by Jeffrey
Simon [1991] 355.03304 E89

The future of European security and defense policy / Werner J. Feld [1993]
355.03304 F312

Securing Europe's future/ Stephen J. Flanagan [1986]  355.03304 S446

African security issues: sovereignty, stability, and solidarity/ Bruce E.
Arlinghaus [1984] 355.03306 A258

Military development in Africa: the political and economic risks of arms
transfer/ Bruce E. Arlinghaus [1984] 355.033066 A724

Rethinking America's security: beyond Cold War to New World Order/ edited by
Graham Allison; Gregory F. Treverton [1992] 355.033073 R438

National security: enduring problems of U.S. defense policy/ Donald M. Snow
[1987] 355.033073 S674

U.S. national security: a framework for analysis/ Daniel J. Kaufman  [1985]
355.033073 U58

Tanks, fighters & ships: U.S. conventional force planning since WWII/
Maurice A. Mallin [1990]	355.0335 M254

Joint warfare of the US Armed Forces/ Joint Pub 1 [1991] 355.033573 J74

Prudens futuri: the US Army War College, 1901-1967/ George S. Pappas [1967]
355.0973 P213

NATO-Warsaw Pact force mobilization/ Jeffrey Simon [1988] 355.28 N279

The genesis of professional officers' corps/ G. Teitler [1977] 355.33 T265

An adjutant general remembers: Major General Kenneth Wickham/ Kenneth G.
Wickham [1991] 355.331 W637

What is information warfare? / Martin C. Libicki [1995] 355.343 L695

The Army Medical Department, 1865-1917/ Mary C. Gillett [1995] 355.345 G479

The Army Medical Department, 1818-1865/ Mary C. Gillett [1987] 355.345 G479

The demands of humanity: Army medical disaster relief/ Gaines M. Foster
[1983] 355.3450973 F754

March or die: a new history of the French Foreign Legion/ Tony Geraghty
[1987] 355.352 G359

Reservist's money guide/ P.J. Budahn [1997] 355.37 B927

The Guard and Reserve in the total force: the first decade/ Bennie J. Wilson
III [1985] 355.370973 G914

The sinews of war: Army logistics, 1776-1953/ James A. Huston [1988] 355.41

An introduction to strategy: with particular reference to problems of
defense/ Andr'e Beaufre [1965] 355.42 B374

A psychological warfare casebook/ William E. Daugherty [1958] 355.43 D238

German psychological warfare: survey and bibliography/ Ladislas Farago
[1941] 355.43 F219

Brainwashing; the story of men who defied it/ Edward Hunter [1956] 355.43

Battle for the mind: a physiology of conversion and brain-washing/ William
W. Sargant [1957] 355.43 S245

Strategy B.H. Liddell Hart [1967] 355.48 L712

Military compensation and personnel retention/ Curtis L. Gilroy [1991]
355.64 M644

Fort McPherson the first hundred years 1885-1985/ Staff History Officer
[1986] 355.7 F736

U.S. bases in the Philippines: the evolution of the special relationship/
William E. Berry [1989]	355.709599 B534

The Military prison; theory, research, and practice/ Stanley L. Brodsky
[1970] 355.71 M644

US nuclear warhead facility profiles/ Thomas B. Cochran [1987] 355.8 U84

Quartermaster support of the Army 1775-1939/ Erna Risch [1989] 355.80973

Arms production in developing countries / James E. Katz [1984] 355.82091724

Nuclear battlefields: global links in the arms race/ William M. Arkin [1985]
355.825119 A721

The dynamics of nuclear proliferation/ Stephen M. Meyer [1984] 355.825119

Japan's secret war/ Robert K. Wilcox [1985] 355.8251190952 W667

Beam weapons: the next arms race/ Jeff Hecht [1984] 355.82595 H447

A historical perspective on Light Infantry/ Scott R. McMichael  [1987] 356.1

Secret armies: inside the American, Soviet, and European special forces/
James Adams [1987] 356.167 A214

From OSS to Green Berets: the birth of special forces/ Aaron Bank [1986]
356.167 B218

Chemical and biological warfare/ Beth Levy [1999] 356.34 C517

Downloading copyrighted stuff from the Internet: stealing or fair use? /
Sherri M. Gordon [2005] 356.7034 G665

SDI and the alternatives/ Simon Worden  [1991] 358.174 W924

SDI: a view from Europe/ Robert C. Hughes [1990] 358.1754 H894

Security implications of SDI: will we be more secure in 2010? / edited by
Jeffrey Simon [1990] 358.1754 S446

The Nation builders: a sesquicentennial history of the Corps of
Topographical Engineers/ Frank N. Schubert [1988] 358.2 N277

Gene wars: military control over the new genetic technologies/ Charles
Piller [1988] 358.38 P641

The command of the air/ Giulio Douhet [1983] 358.4 D729

Lifeline in the sky: the story of the US Military Air Transport/ Clayton
Knight [1957] 358.4 K71

Wild Blue U: the story of the US Air Force Academy/ Pat Coffey [1972]
358.4007 M647

Ideas and weapons: exploitation of the aerial weapon by the United States
during WW I/ I. B. Holley [1983] 358.400973 H738

Planning and organizing the postwar Air Force, 1943-1947/ Herman S. Wolk
[1984] 358.4130973 W862

Sovereign Skies: Air National Guard takes command of 1st Air Force/ Leslie
Filson [1999] 358.4137 F489

The air campaign: planning for combat/ John A. Warden [1988] 358.414 W265

Laser weapons in space: policy and doctrine/ Keith B. Payne [1983] 358.8