Does the “other designation” (including title) associated with a
person refer to the entity represented by the authority record, or to a
heading for the person? It sometimes happens that the same person has
more than one “other designation” or title, and one is used in the
preferred access point, the other only in a see reference. For example:

100 00 |a Louis |b IX, |c King of France, |d 1214-1270
400 00 |a Louis, |c Saint, |d 1214-1270

Another example:

100 1_ |a Windsor, Edward, |c Duke of, |d 1894-1972 
400 0_ |a Edward Albert, |c Prince of Wales, |d 1894-1972

If they are considered to refer to the entity, presumably you would
just use a separate 368 for each designation:

368 __ |a King of France
368 __ |a Saint

I'm assuming that you would use two 368s to avoid confusion with cases
where multiple “other designations” appear in a single heading, such
as :

100 0_ |a Francis, |c of Assisi, Saint, |d 1182-1226
368 __ |d of Assisi |d Saint

But if the designations refer to headings, and they differ from heading
to heading, as in the first two examples, what do you do? Use the
linking field to link the designations to the relevant headings, or just
put in the designation that is used on the preferred heading, or ... ?

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