Field 046 is used to record the date elements incumbent with authority data in RDA.  This is distinct from the practice of including date(s) in the heading/controlled access point as a means of differentiating instances of identical names.  These functions, recording data and constructing access points, are separate and independent.  Field 046 does not replace 100 $d.  In this case, the heading did not have any dates associated with it except in the equally inscrutable 670 fields.  The duplication in the 046 will allow a variety of machine functionality – potential automated matching, potential “on the fly” display of the dates with the heading, or potential automated incorporation of the dates into the heading – should circumstances and system functionality warrant and allow.


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Erika Janette Charles Nino wrote:


Hi all, I would like to know why now with RDA is used now Tag 046 instead of $d in Tag 100?

With this practice, such information is accessible only to librarians that review the authorities being that that 046 is not recovered in OPACs


LC control no.:      n 79038532

LCCN permalink:

HEADING:     Cortázar, Julio

000     01055cz a2200277n 450

001     4215160

005     20120407074810.0

008     790424n| acannaabn |b aaa

010     __ |a n 79038532 |z n 88637611

035     __ |a (OCoLC)oca00272052

040     __ |a DLC |b eng |c DLC |d DLC |d OCoLC |d DLC |d OCoLC |d CSt |d UPB

046   __ |f 1914 |g 1984

053     _0 |a PQ7797.C7145

100   1_ |a Cortázar, Julio

374     __ |a author

400     1_ |a Кортасар, Хулио

400     1_ |a קורטאסר, חוליו

400     1_ |a קןרטאזאר, חוליו

667     __ |a Machine-derived non-Latin script reference project.

667     __ |a Non-Latin script references not evaluated.

667     __ |a The following pseudonym is a valid AACR 2 heading: Denis, Julio

670     __ |a His Los reyes, 1949.

670     __ |a Prego, O. La fascinación de las palabras, c1985: |b t.p. (Julio Cortázar) p. 9-10 (died Feb. 12, 1984)

670     __ |a BNE Web OPAC, Oct. 30, 2006 |b (Cortázar, Julio (1914-1984); wrote poetry under the pseudonym Julio Denís)

952     __ |a RETRO

953     __ |a xx00 |b ta30