Hi all,

I sent a request to Coop to cancel 5 NARs that were all set up for 
fictitious attributions which were all actually works written by Lawrence 
G. Van Velzer.  They are all April Fool's Day pranks of a sort.  In case 
you have any of these names in your catalog, you'll want to follow AACR2 
21.4C1 and change the main entry to Van Velzer.


P.S. I know that in RDA these names would be taken at face value and that 
they can be valid RDA access points.  If anyone wants to convert the 
authorities to RDA that would be an alternative option.  The bibliographic 
records cited are AACR2 and under AACR2 these names are not valid 

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Subject: Cancel NARs


The following NARs were established incorrectly because the works are 
attributed to fictitious characters.  The works cited are April Fool's Day 
publications created by Van Velzer, Lawrence G.  According to AACR2 21.4C1: "If 
responsibility for a work is known to be erroneously or fictitiously attributed 
to a person, enter under the actual personal author or under title if the 
actual personal author is not known."  The example shown in AACR2 is:

The adventure of the peerless peer / by John H. Watson ; edited by Philip Jose 
    (Written by Farmer as if by the fictitious Dr. Watson)
    Main entry under the heading for Farmer

On the basis of 21.4C1, the following name authorities should be cancelled, 
since they should never have been established as valid AACR2 names:

no2008187523  Barnaby, Baxter Jay
nr2006008010  Cottinghamton, Peter Alfred
nr2005008665  Durfort, Laurent
no2006072685  Quagga, Basil Roan
nb 99047523   Tobu, Sho, 1640-ca. 1699

We did not move these names to be former headings on the NAR for Van Velzer, 
Lawrence G., because AACR2 doesn't say to make a reference from a fictitious 
name.  There is no 4XX for Watson, John H. on the NAR for Farmer, Philip Jose.



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