Mark is right-- LC did put out a white paper on the treatment of reproductions under RDA (the link doesn't appear to have made the transtion on the new PCC site, was: -- I'll ask some colleagues to see if it can be resurrected).

As Becky noted, for electronic reproductions, LC would apply either a 'provider-neutral' or 'single record' approach, so the question remaining is for non-electronic reproductions.  At this point, for LC almost all of the microform reproductions are created and cataloged in the LC field offices-- we haven't made final decisions yet on whether to follow RDA as written for microform reproductions (as outlined in LCPS, or some other approach while we are still in the current MARC-RDA scenario.

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Dave Reser

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> At the PCC Ops meeting in 2011, there was strong preference to keep 
> using the provider-neutral model for the time being even when all else 
> in a record was RDA.

Any word on non-electronic reproductions (photocopies, microfilm, facsimiles, etc.)?

There was a paper issued by LC(?) a couple years ago on a proposed move away from LCRI 1.11A and toward AACR2/RDA practice.  Though LC was supposed to have made a decision on this point either before their RDA Day One announcement or before the day itself, none has been forthcoming, at least up to now.  Will PCC follow LC practice when it's made?  Or forge their own path?

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