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Parallel Records and the 936 field:

When the concept of parallel records for language of cataloging was
introduced to broad usage within WorldCat in 2003, OCLC provided the
option for libraries to record the OCLC control number of parallel
records that they identified in field 936.  We had hoped to use this
field to collocate records at some future date.  With the passage of
time and the development of other tools for bringing records together,
most notably GLIMIR
<> , we now
know that we will not be using the 936 field for this purpose.
Therefore, we are discontinuing use of the 936 field for recording OCLC
numbers of parallel records at this time.  The Bibliographic Formats and
Standards (BFAS) document has been changed to reflect this decision.   

OCLC plans to delete any existing 936 fields that contain OCLC control
numbers for parallel records from records in WorldCat beginning in July

For more information on Parallel records see Section 3.10 in BFAS:


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