I would use any standard term or phrase that would be clear to somebody
reading it. I don't think PCC has been fussed for a long time over the
minutiae of whether participants cite "back cover", or "p.4 of cover";
"WWW site" "www site", web site" or "website", as long as it is concise
and clear.


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Dear All,

I hope someone has a quick answer to the simple question that has been
bugging me for the past few days. The question is how "back cover"
should be cited as the location of data found in the 670 field.

It seems that there is no specific instruction in DCM Z1. NACO
Participants Manual lists "back cover" as one of standard terms and
abbreviations in the 670 field, but also states that "p. 4 of cover"
should be used if the information comes from print resources (or their
digital reproductions) [both p. 44]. This seems rather confusing to me,
since I am hard-pressed to picture types of non-print resources for
which information can be taken from the cover. By contrast, it seems
that "back over" is cited as "cover p. 4" in the current NACO training
slides available on LC web site.

I guess this is a rather minor, nit-picking question and it really
should not matter one way or another, but I am hoping that someone can
share an insight on how "back cover" should be cited in the 670 field.

Best regards,
Yuji Tosaka
Cataloging/Metadata Librarian
The College of New Jersey
Ewing, NJ 08628-0718
Phone: (609) 771-2156

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