>Back in the day of the cassette (?), we thought nothing of making a copy for a 
>friend of our favorite music that we thought he/she might enjoy. Somehow, the 
>>music industry was vibrant and healthy then, seemingly. I think I saw a major 
>change when the film studios and the recording industries wanted closer control 

>>of their "profit margins" with copy protection, or am I wrong? By the way, I 
>still have my Sony cassette recorder patched into my sound system. I hope no 
>one >will report me.
>Rod Stephens

These days I have an Alesis Masterlink hooked up so I can record a stream from 
my computer. 

I barely ever use it, but I can if I want to. 
Recent captures include: 
The Rolling Stones performing Dylan's "Watching the River Flow" with Bill Wyman 
on bass. 

Almost 3 hours of interviews with Augustus Stanley Owsley III 

I believe that my copying of these items is protected as long as it is for my 
own personal enjoyment and/or research. 

It's not that I want to "own" these recordings, but I just want to hear them 
more than once. 

In this day and age, wanting to hear something more than once is a big 
accomplishment for an artist..

-Matt Sohn