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On 21/06/2012, Randy Riddle wrote:

> I've thought for some time that there's already a way to do this with
> at least some recordings.
> For years, film restorers have used multiple prints of films, taking
> the best quality sections from each that survive, sometime
> substituting small sections in a print that has been damaged.
> Why couldn't that be done with recordings where multiple copies
> survive?
> Basically, what the software would do is let you take multiple sound
> files sourced from different copies of the same record.  Each will
> have been damaged and degraded in different ways and have different
> patterns of noise.
> The software, after synching the recordings, would compare them and
> "toss out" the noise and keeping commonalities between the copies.
> The more copies of the recording you have available, the better the
> result might be, at least theoretically.
> Why couldn't this work?
Wow from slight off-centring would be a problem, but maybe Capstan could
deal with that.

Otherwise, the stitching algorithms used for images should be easily

The two groove walls of a mono record already do what you suggest, but
twenty copies might be better than two.
Don Cox
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