This was something I was working on in the waning days of my term at a
certain company that dealt with music metadata; just how to document
digital only offerings, which tend to be temporary. I was proposing a
system whereby you could auto-assign a stock number or barcode equivalent
to a down and thus you could develop a record for it, even if it
disappeared. What they arrived at after I left was still dependent on a
physical component, either from the regular release to which a given track
may belong or via a CD sent along with the down which would then be
archived. In my view, only the smallest part of the downloadable world
could be documented that way.

Uncle Dave Lewis
Lebanon, OH

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> Along the lines of Matt's post, I've been wondering for quite some time if
> anyone is trying to capture and preserve the many free downloads that are
> offered on (what appears to be) a daily basis.  Anyone know of a collector
> building an archive centered around a particular genre of download-only
> music (mixtapes, rap, R&B, etc.)?
> -Brenda Nelson-Strauss