I can't help much except to say that the voice is quite similar to
Newscaster Forrest Sawyer, who wasn't even a blip on the radar in 1970. But
possibly it is
a newscaster that you are looking for. This type of delivery reminds me of
the sound and pacing of CBS Newsbreaks, particularly on radio. Just a

Also, it's not Del Sharbutt, who was something of a vocal chameleon and can
found in all sorts of places where you wouldn't expect him.

Dave Lewis
Lebanon, OH

On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 7:50 PM, Dan Scola <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I am trying to identify this man:
> This is from an English course called "Modern American English," marketed
> by
> Grolier around 1970. It had a number of narrated articles and stories
> narrated by him. He was also a narrator on "Grolier Programmed English,"
> copyrighted by Grolier in 1978.
> The man was a superb narrator, but apparently he never became well known,
> so
> I do not think he is a name we might recognize today. He does sound a bit
> like John Forsythe or a young Lee Bowman, but he is neither. There is
> already a Wikipedia article saying he is Leslie Daniel, but that is also
> wrong.
> At this point, I seriously think that to know who he is, you have to know
> something about the history of narrators from back then, narrators who
> worked for Grolier, or something of the sort. Others and I have been trying
> for awhile to match the voice to that of people one might hear on TV, for
> example, with no success.  I've asked in some specialized forums, but not
> luck either. Grolier was taken over by Scholastic some years ago, but they
> are not too interested in the past and have been uncooperative.
> Thank you.