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> On 06/26/2012 06:04 AM, Bewley, Nigel wrote:
>> Alan Dower Blumlein (1903-1942) was a prolific British inventor and
>> innovator of technology and was involved in projects as diverse as
>> the development of radar and sound recording. In 1933 he developed
>> his ideas on recording audio in stereo and the rest, as is often
>> said, is history....
>> Listen to Blumlein's experiments in stereo recording on the British
>> Library Sounds website here:
>> Nigel Bewley
>> British Library Sound & Vision
> It's a pity that the Beecham material is unavailable outside the EU.
> The EMI centenary box set seemed to have no stereo separation
> whatsoever on the Blumlein/Beecham material it contained.
> I am curious as to why Beecham is restricted, when at least two other
> recorder tests that clearly contain material derived from gramophone
> records (and thus under the same copyright) are very much available
> outside the EU. Is it because the two grams-sourced recorder tests are
> pretty much a cacophony and thus perhaps not considered musical?
Do you have the CD "Beecham Conducts Pioneering 1930s Sound Recordings"
LPO-0040    ?

This contains exceprpts from the Jupiter Symphony in stereo, and
Blumlein's "Walking, Talking" tests.

There are also examples of early German tape recordings from 1936 (in

Don Cox
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