On 02/06/2012, Dennis Rooney wrote:

> Sony Classical's 1990-95 CD back catalogue reissues ("Secondary
> Exploitation" as we called it) were highly variable iin transfer
> quality. Some of the earlier ones came from Lp masters ("two-tracks").
> However, as of 1991, original 3-track masters and session parts were
> employed for Essential Classics, the Bernstein "Royal" Edition, and
> lines devoted to Bruno Walter, Boulez, Gould and Stern. Everything was
> done in 20-bit and much was edited via Sonic Solutions. In addition to
> working on those lines, I was either Producer or Series Consultant to
> the Masterworks Heritage line. Recognizing that later technical
> evolution would have improved the product, I can nonethelessl attest
> that those releases were produced to the highest standards available.
As a listener, on good equipment, my experience was that the
introduction of 20-bit gave a marked improvement. 

DSD seemed to be another step upward.

As for the Capstan software, I am not certain which reissues have used
it, so cannot comment.

Don Cox
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