Hey, the Queen was in sync on BBC and ABC, so we're thankful
Rod Stephens

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Ha, ironically, my cable system is COMCAST and they can't get the sync right most of the time on most of the channels. There also seem to be problems stemming from the satellite feeds to the earth stations at the cable head ends. The whole thing is a mess, still not ready for primetime except for the lurid colors and extra-sharp focus when it's not frozen, blanked out or pixellated.

-- Tom Fine

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> I'll never forget touring the NAB convention around 1999 with a friend who
> was livid about what he called the "FCC mandating vaporware." He said their
> new digital HDTV system didn't allow switching local commercials and station
> ids into network feeds without losing sync but the "experts" all swore this
> problem would be solved by the time of the digital changeover. He had his
> doubts and turned out to be absolutely right. This mess was all the
> handiwork of the consumer electronics industry, Comcast and Microsoft. The
> NAB and the American public lost in yet another case of the best government
> money can buy.
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> From Tom Fine:
> This is a problem here, too, on the FLAGSHIP local stations of the major
> networks! Channel 2 (WCBS) is the worst. Their "solution" is to have either
> the picture or audio jump or freeze into semi-sync every few minutes on some
> days. Other days, sync seems to be fine, so I think this is a transmission
> problem and not a production problem. Our Fox station (channel 5), rarely
> has sync problems with local programming but I do notice network shows,
> especially sports, are out of sync from time to time.