On 06/06/2012, DAVID BURNHAM wrote:

> Nope, that's not it entirely; the most awesome sounding set, "The
> Secret Broadcasts", were studio recordings made between March and June
> of 1944. A mystery, though, is that these recordings are described as
> "orginal tapes" which were lost for over 50 years. I didn't think tape
> was being used yet, at least not in the allied countries, until after
> the war. But there is no sonic evidence of a disc surface so who
> knows.
According to the booklet with the "Secret Broadcasts" set, the sources
were mostly original 16 inch V-discs pressed on vinyl (which would give a quiet
surface), with some tape copies from V-discs. 

Ted Kendall made the transfers.

But there are also very good transfers of pre-war material from metal
parts done by Doug Pomeroy, in the "Centennial" and "Platinum Glenn
Miller" CDs. It is shellac pressings that give the typical high noise.

Don Cox
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