On 11/06/2012, Ted Kendall wrote:

> On 10/06/2012 20:09, David Weiner wrote:
>> Hey Mike,
>> For marketing purposes, THE SECRET BROADCASTS has more zing to it
>> than the
>> Dave Weiner
>> On 6/10/12 2:38 PM, "Michael Biel"<[log in to unmask]>  wrote:
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>>> According to the booklet with the "Secret Broadcasts" set, the
>>> sources were mostly original 16 inch V-discs pressed on vinyl
>>> (which would give a quiet
>>> surface), with some tape copies from V-discs. Ted Kendall made the
>>> transfers.
>> There never were any 16-inch V-discs. They were meant to be played
>> by the soldiers themselves on regular phonographs, so the were all
>> 12-inches. Did you mean Armed Forces Radio Service discs which were
>> meant ONLY for broadcasters and thus were mainly 16-inches. These
>> two entirely different categories of recordings should not be
>> confused. I do think that some 16-inch lacquer masters were also
>> involved, if not for the Victor issue, for the issues prior to the
>> Victor CDs. I've never understood what was so "secret" about these
>> well-known broadcasts.
>>> Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]
> The originals for the "Secret Broadcasts" set were largely OWI 16"
> vinyls, some in excellent shape, some not. They came from the
> collection of Alan Dell, who died during the preparation of the set.
> One, or maybe two, sides of originals were found only as tape dubs,
> although the original discs surfaced later.
Seems I misread the booklet and should have said "OWI" not "V-discs".

Are these vinyls still being preserved somewhere? I hope so.

> As to the title, I well remember arguing with Conifer's marketing
> people that the term "secret broadcast" was an oxymoron, but they
> replied with the unanswerable "we reckon we know what will make it
> sell". Well, they were right, weren't they?

I think the quality of the transfers helped the sales too.

Don Cox
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