On 11/06/2012, Carl Pultz wrote:

> I would look at the Target HiFi HF470, currently $350 at Needledoctor.
> I don't like the glass shelves. I do like the welded steel frame. You
> can try different shelf material, but MDF is a fine place to start.
> Solid Steel makes nice racks, but pricey.
> There definitely is an effect on the sound of any TT imparted by what
> holds it off the floor. In my experience, a low mass support is
> better. The floor has an effect too, of course. If you can, position
> 'tables on an outside or weight-baring wall. Try to avoid vibration
> from speakers, but more challenging in a large building can be
> vibration from HVAC or other systems. Thin metal stand material will
> dissipate vibration faster than high-mass material and tends to have
> greater distribution of vibration modes, and thus causes less
> coloration of the sound. Wood can work, too. But avoid anything that
> creates an enclosed cavity.
> Wall-mounted shelves can work well in the right building. Again, it's
> a question of how much things shake. See if you can interest somebody
> in the engineering dept to bring over a measurement device and check
> out your space.
I think shelves will transmit vibrations from the wall. How do you
isolate the tuntable from the shelves?

> Ideally, a turntable should float in mid air. But that hasn't been
> developed yet, not even for audiophile money.
One could hang a board on four long springs, with a dashpot underneath to
damp the fundamental. Then stand the turntable on the board.

But it would be awkward to use.

Don Cox
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