For the last two Record Store Days, there have been limited-edition 10" 78RPM microgroove vinyl 
issues. In 2011, it was the Beach Boys, which was discussed in detail on this list.

For this year, Tompkins Square Records in SF put out two 78's, one by Luther Dickson (solo guitar 
with one half of a side including duet guitar) and Dr. Ralph Stanley. Details in the middle of this 

Also, a guy named Charles Bork has issued a live-to-78 platter on his Groove-O-Matic label:
Charles is an interesting cat. I've known him via the Ampex List for years. He's built a 100% 
analog, mostly tube gear, studio up in Seattle. He said he's not hurting for musician interest but 
could use some word of mouth, so the above link

Does anyone know any details on the Tompkins Square records -- how/where recorded, who cut them, 

-- Tom Fine

PS -- semi-related -- another interesting Record Store Day item was Concord Group's reissue of Dave 
Brubeck's first 10" LP on Fantasy Records, the reissued pressed in red vinyl.