Hi Malcolm:

This is a problem here, too, on the FLAGSHIP local stations of the major networks! Channel 2 (WCBS) 
is the worst. Their "solution" is to have either the picture or audio jump or freeze into semi-sync 
every few minutes on some days. Other days, sync seems to be fine, so I think this is a transmission 
problem and not a production problem. Our Fox station (channel 5), rarely has sync problems with 
local programming but I do notice network shows, especially sports, are out of sync from time to 

Again, the NTSC system did not have these problems and yes, it did not offer lurid color levels or 
skin-surface clarity, but it freakin' WORKED!

-- Tom Fine

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>A trend that has been apparent to me for a while - that I find most annoying - is audio the doesn't 
>sync up with what I'm seeing on the television. This is especially apparent on the news on my local 
>"indy" station ("indy" because they use FOX news as their basis). The lips just do not match up 
>with the audio feed on imported material (looks fine for the local newscaster, though). Why is 
>that? I'd think there would be a single, end-of-chain solution to out of sync material received, 
> Seems that the big three get it right most of the time, though. I'd watch one of them but I find 
> each of their anchors, their "news as entertainment" policies, and the stations politics 
> objectionable and so forgo the pleasure.
> I've written them numerous times and get no answers.
> Malcolm in the Middle of the Pacific
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> On 6/7/2012 12:40 AM, Tom Fine wrote:
>> And I still do my time-shifting with TV using VHS tapes (I have four working machines and 50 new 
>> tapes stockpiled, so I should be able to continue this for another decade or so). And I have and 
>> enjoy hundreds of laserdiscs (although I've now given away all of my pre-recorded VHS tapes 
>> except those that never made it to LD or DVD). I know full well how much "sharper" and "brighter" 
>> HD TV is, in fact that's what comes down my cable (and then gets converted to channel 3 NTSC with 
>> a little box on each TV set and VCR), but I don't need to see the newscaster's caked makeup 
>> covering the age spots or the grass blades under the baseball. And I resent the constant 
>> frozen/pixellated pictures, jumps and pauses and near-constant lack of sync between sound and 
>> picture on some channels. Also, the local news stations have lower quality broadcasts than ever 
>> because they seem to have fired all humans in the studio and rely on robo-camera and 
>> distorted/often-failing "automated" audio. Not to mention the ultimate garbage-low-class move by 
>> the networks, using such things as Skype (blurry/frozen/jumpy picture and unintelligable audio) 
>> over national news broadcasts. Just because you CAN use a laptop camera or a cellphone camera 
>> doesn't mean you SHOULD on national TV.
>> -- Tom Fine
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>>> Hi Rod:
>>> I haven't had CRT computer monitors for years now, but I still have all CRT NTSC televisions.
>>> -- Tom Fine
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>>> Well, I DO still have a CRT monitor even sitting on top of my left three way speaker, but I put 
>>> tin foil underneath to cut down on the lack of color purity (discolored on the bottom), but 
>>> fortunately, I also have a flat screen I use for most of my feedback from one of my computers 
>>> and my online Yamaha tuner/amp (it goes online to stream FM channels). I'm even old tech in that 
>>> I'm writing this using a Sceptre 16" P73 monitor with this old XP computer, although I did just 
>>> update it to a full 2GB of memory.
>>> So, like Tom, I believe in keeping old technology running. I'm even eventually going to replace 
>>> the capacitors on my Teac tuner/amp that I replaced with my Yamaha.
>>> Rod Stephens
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>>> Date: Wednesday, June 6, 2012, 8:15 PM
>>> Hi, Tyra,
>>> This is a dead issue--unless you have CRT monitors, which I don't think anyone does anymore 
>>> (except me).
>>> Shielding in this instance refers to MAGNETIC shielding so that the magnets in the speakers 
>>> don't affect the deflection of a TV set or computer monitor. LCD monitors don't care. It's also 
>>> generally a "right next to" issue even with the CRT monitors. A few feet makes it go away 
>>> mostly.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Richard
>>> On 2012-06-06 9:39 PM, Grant, Tyra wrote:
>>>> One question: the Genelecs are supposed to be shielded and the Mackies
>>>> don't seem to be. We weren't sure---could this be a significant factor or
>>>> is it just something that sounds good but in fact not worth all that much
>>>> more in practical terms?
>>> -- Richard L. Hess email: [log in to unmask]
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