Hi Art:

I agree with you about some off-air signals. A place like Queens is ideal for an antenna. Up in the 
northern 'burbs, no dice unless I want to construct a massive tower and proper lightening-arresting 
system. Nope. My friend who lives in downtown Rochester uses one of the little set-top antennas sold 
at RadioShack and gets good TV except on the NBC station, which must be blocked by his building or 
neighboring buildings. The only way we could watch the Preakness when I was up there for ARSC was 
for one of us to hold the antenna in one hand and stand between the antenna and the window! 
Otherwise, the reception would freeze or drop out completely.

Good to know that FIOS and sat dish are as bad as cable, I'll stick with the devil I know.

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] audio & video techno-crap of "state of the art" digital TV

> It doesn't all emanate at the points of origin. Our first 'provider' was
> Time Warner.  The second was Direct TV, the present one is FIOS.  Their
> claims of 'digital quality' are solid bovine excrement. On second thought,
> I take that back.  That's not fair to bulls and cows.  Until I receive my
> patent for my
> cortex - cloud interface, I'm sticking with FIOS because its internet
> service is the most reliable and
> fastest to which I'm able to subscribe.
> KNOWING that such services would be what they are, prior to acquiring our
> first HD set, I simultaneously purchased and had installed (I'm a coward on
> a ladder) a suitable (I anticipated having HD) antenna for our house.
> SIGNIFICANTLY fewer sync, breakup & freezing problems occur when directly
> receiving their transmitter signals.  FYI we're located in Fresh Meadows,
> which is part of Queens County, one of the five 'boroughs' of NYC.
> I've yet to indulge in a stand-alone recorder, so I often forgo better
> reception for the benefit of zapping commercials and PSAs.
> Another tangentially related gripe: the emasculation of WQXR's wattage that
> resulted from its change of ownership.
> Shiffy