Perhaps your stylus was too small?

Victor Home Recordings require a wide stylus, 5 mil or so. Otherwise you 
might think a disc blank

joe salerno

On 6/12/2012 7:26 PM, David Lewis wrote:
> I had Echo discs like this. Don't expect sound, although as objects they
> are still interesting. I once transferred my Echo discs
> and magnified them a gazillion times and discovered that there *was* the
> faint sound of the piano on them, but it wasn't intelligible.
> I look forward to the day when someone finds a disc of this type that
> yields intelligible audio.
> Uncle Dave Lewis
> Lebanon, OH
> On Tue, Jun 12, 2012 at 7:24 PM, Art Shifrin<[log in to unmask]>  wrote:
>> Hi Gang,
>> Today amongst my shelves I rediscovered a pair of 6" apparently non
>> laminated metal disks.
>> They're self-evidently intended for use on a acoustic phonograph.  There's
>> one sleeve. The instructions on it state "...Sing into the sound box loudly
>> and distinctly; if possible, use a megaphone. When you have finished, play
>> it over again and hear YOUR voice..."  They have two different pre-printed
>> labels but their layout and color (royal blue background with gold
>> lettering) are very similar.  One's "MARVEL VOICE".  The other's
>> "REPEAT-A-VOICE". They are relatively heavy: seemingly heavier (for the
>> diameter) than if they were of the`'typical' uncoated aluminum recording
>> blank stock of greater size.
>> If any of you have historical information that you can provide (i.e. years
>> offered, etc.), then it'd be nice to learn more about them.
>> I've not yet attempted to play them.
>> Thanks,
>> Art (Shiffy) Shifrin

Joe Salerno