The Walter/NY/Mahler 1st was released in the Masterworks Heritage series
(MHK 63328). Did that fall short? That's one I like. I'm excited to hear
about this new stuff, as I found the huge series of ca. 1990 reissues to
mostly be different rather than better. Equivocal enough, anyway, to hold on
to the LPs.


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I'm still trying to figure that out myself.  At a guess, they're multiple CD
sets with a 2012 release dat.  I'm going to order the Bruno Walter Mahler
set to hear how the 2d came out.  It's always sounded squished to me.  I was
at two of the sessions and recall a bit of what got retaken and why.  At
least one of the corrections was not used. 

I hope they do the mono 1st which I far prefer to the tired-sounding LA one.
And I much prefer Mitropoulos's performance of the 5th.  We'll see.  I'll
check the date on that one as well.

I see the Perahia Mozart concerti are also available in a new box and may go
for that one as well.  

The date on the boxes will give us some scope of the span.  Sort of a "do
not buy if dated before" indicator.

Steve Smolian