I am sure I am not the only one in this august aggregation who has this 
radio advertising bureau spot, by Stan the Man Freeberg in hand.
Jay Leno did an updated series of spots for radio advertising that are 
equally compelling for "I Saw It On the Radio".  Leno sounds like he's 19 
years old!

Lou Houck
Rollin' Recording
Boerne, TX
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Stan Freberg made some spots promoting radio over television back in the
late 50's. (Although the dimensions in this example are dated, you'll get
the idea.) He described a fantastic scene with lots of supportive sound
effects. He then says, "You see, radio stretches your imagination." Someone
then asks, "But doesn't television stretch your imagination?", to which
Freberg replies, "Yes---up to 21 inches."


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> ... and radio producer friends who like to say "we have better pictures in
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> > I remember an old radio engineer who called TV "Pictures with bad
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> > Lou Houck

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