Hi David,

Can you tell me at which recent ARSC meeting Mike Spitz gave the
demonstration to which you refer?   This is not something I would
have missed had I known about it.




> Date:    Fri, 15 Jun 2012 14:35:23 -0700
> From:    David Breneman <[log in to unmask]>
> Subject: Re: 5'' Slotless reels
> =0A=A0From: Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]>=0A=0A=0A> You  
> should con=
> tact Mike Spitz at ATR Services about that. He can tune up an ATR  
> =0A> so y=
> ou can have a =0A> 14" reel on one side and a 3" reel on the other,  
> with Sc=
> otch 111 =0A> ancient brittle tape, and it will =0A> play and fast- 
> wind jus=
> t fine. He demonstrated that very setup at the recent ARSC =0A>  
> meeting. Mi=
> ke said =0A> the many ATRs left the factor not quite right adjusted,  
> and th=
> ey get worse with =0A> time.=0A=0AThe US-built Ampex ATR-102 can  
> certainly =
> do that, but I don't think the ATR-700 can,=0Aas it was a "hot- 
> rodded" Teac=
> design.=A0 My ATR-800 (designed by Ampex and built by=0ATeac)  
> certainly ca=
> n.=A0 It's a constant-tension machine and has no reel-size  
> switch.=0AI spoo=
> led paper leader between a 3" reel and a 10-1/2" reel as a test  
> before I=0A=
> transferred a friend's tape from a 3" reel and you could slap the  
> shuttle l=
> ever=0Aback and forth, pop it in and out of play from fast wind, and  
> rock t=
> he reels by=0Aturning just one reel, all with no problems.

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