My kids buy the bulk of what they have on their iPod/iPhone.

The material comes from iTunes, artist websites (some legit free), 
ripped CDs one of us owns, or even my LPs and a few live recordings I've 

This summer we will FLAC the MLP, Living Stereo and London sets so 
Robert can take them to university. I trust him not to do wholesale 
sharing, and his dorm room NAS and both laptops are password protected 
and behind a SPI/NAT firewall, with the university's concurrence.

I consider this a parenting victory, and an expense I partially 
underwrite (I bought the three box sets).

We bought the latest ManOwaR digital downolad so Robert could have it 
the day of release. He found my credit as part of the ManOwaR family 
which was super generous of Joey.



On 2012-06-18 9:30 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
> I tend to sympathize with this blogger, but it's a futile position -- 
> asking kids to pay for something they easily obtain at no cost. Would 
> this blogger turn his back if 20 dollar bills started raining down out 
> of an office window, while everyone around him scrambles to collect 
> "theirs"? I doubt it, but if he did he'd be more noble and less 
> cash-flush. Bottom line, human nature being what it is, with regards 
> to stealing music, the horse is long out of the barn.
> -- Tom Fine
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> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Conflict Over File Sharing
>> I'm not crazy about the term "Free Culture Movement" and David's 
>> arguments
>> do not make me love the major music companies again. But this comes 
>> from a
>> different side of the tracks
>> from what we are used to seeing, and for that reason, is quite 
>> interesting.
>> Uncle Dave Lewis
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