In my experience, most archives are strapped for cash and are looking 
for oddball things. I feel much better about giving something to an 
archive which may be able to use it (or its parts) than I do about 
selling something on eBay for a few bucks and much more hassle. I sent 
off about 750 pounds of stuff, mostly through this and the AMIA list, 
mostly to LoC, free for shipping on the recipients FedEx ground account.

No, I wouldn't post a skateboard, but a nice classic 3 MP digicam is a 
very useful tool for documenting preservation and archiving procedures 
which are on-topic. I'm spoiled in that I have a Nikon D100 6 MP DSLR 
with a micro-Nikkor 60 mm f/2.8 lens on it for this purpose, but a 
friend finds that her Kodak DX4330 which is the same class camera as the 
one Tom gave away is quite useful--so useful in fact, that we bought her 
a second one on eBay when the one I gave her broke and the 7-8 MP 
compact Nikon Coolpix she bought to have something smaller had far worse 
low-light performance even though being 4-5 years newer.

I am fairly sure that Tom made someone happy today. Maybe even that 
person might use the camera to try and explain an archiving issue (as I 
have). I see the camera as an important tool in archiving work and, 
indeed, one of the D100s lives in the studio. (As an aside, my main 
picture-taking camera is a D200 with other lenses--it's getting long in 
the tooth, but I've got two kids going to university starting this fall 
for the first one).



On 2012-06-20 12:59 PM, Erik Dix wrote:
> It doesn't bother me and I hate for things to be thrown out that 
> others might still have use for. We are throwing away too much as it is.
> Just my thoughts.
> Erik Dix
>> On Jun 20, 2012, at 7:21 AM, Cornell, Bryan E wrote:
>>> The Arsclist is not the appropriate forum to sell digital cameras 
>>> (or anything else).  See the
>>> statement of purpose for the list at  .
>>> Purpose of the List
>>> Topics appropriate for discussion may include discussion about 
>>> recorded sound research, history,
>>> innovations, preservation, archiving, copyrights and access and 
>>> announcements about ARSC
>>> activities and publications. Other lists may be more appropriate 
>>> forums for subjective discussions
>>> of particular recordings or artists, restoration of antique 
>>> equipment, buying and selling
>>> recordings and the collecting of ephemera. All messages posted to 
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>>> Thanks
>>> Bryan Cornell
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>>> This is now going to a new home. Thanks for the quick response!
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>>> shipping
>>>> This is an older model all-in-one digital camera (do googling for 
>>>> more info). I used it to take
>>>> eBay listing pix for years. It takes CF cards, one 16meg included. 
>>>> Book and charger included.
>>>> Battery will hold a charge long enough to fill up the 16meg card 
>>>> and probably more. Also a little
>>>> USB connector. It can shoot video in a pinch. Not a bad little 
>>>> camera for its time. And the price
>>>> is right!
>>>> Please ping off-list. You pay shipping (Parcel Post - US Addresses 
>>>> only).
>>>> -- Tom Fine
>> .

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