Hi Michael:

What you say makes sense about the sound of "paper playing." Did you notice it's a pretty steady 
pattern, sounds to me like once a revolution. So my question is, does any modern software "cancel 
out" a regular/steady but complex background noise like that? If so, would it improve audibility?

I wish Patrick's blog-site had linked to hi-rez WAV so we could all experiment at home!

One of the first commercial uses I can envision for this is apply it to all the super-rare but 
beat-to-hell Paramount blues sides and see if better/clearer results can be obtained than out in 
print so far. It would also seem like Patrick's method works for cracked records and cylinders 
because he's basically "pasting together" the groove in a straight line, so it should be 
time-consuming but possible to line up both sides of a crack and just pencil-over or otherwise 
smooth out the crack itself.

-- Tom Fine

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> On 06/20/2012 06:13 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
>> Question -- is there an algorhythm to remove the modulation noise behind
>> the voice? It seems to be repeated modulation, just like if a disk were
>> played and the groove was "listing" to one side, sort of a
>> woosh-woosh-woosh. Because it's a relatively uniform modulation, I'm
>> wondering if it can be "zero'd out" to improve voice audibility?
> This actually sounds as though it could be the grain of the paper on which the magazine was 
> printed. It's an extremely regular, constant sound and one that could easily be imagined as coming 
> from a paper disc being "played" by an acoustic pickup.
> I used to do this with labels of junky records on my Victrola XVI when I was a teenager, cutting 
> spirals into the labels, which is how I recognized the pattern.
> I don't know if Dr. Feaster is on or reads ARSCLIST. I know he used to be a fairly heavy 
> participant in 78-L years ago.
> Michael Shoshani
> Chicago