I have pressings of 2 of the Beecham 78s done by Symposium a number of years
ago and now op.

Steve Smolian

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Hi David:

THANKS for that link! I wasn't even aware of that recording. 89 cents for an
MP3 was too good to pass up. However, the original transfer to digital was
not good. There are artifacts that generally come from an over-processed
digital transfer rather than a 256kbps MP3 file. That said, it's definitely
and clearly stereo in that there is spacial perspective to the room and
"depth" and "width" to the sides and behind the center.

-- Tom Fine

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> The stereo on the Ray Noble New Mayfair Orchestra Blumlein test from 1934
> is pretty apparent, too. It'w been issued on a Guild CD.
> s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1340825495&sr=1-37&keywords=guild+light+music+golden
> Dave Weiner
> On 6/27/12 3:34 PM, "Don Cox" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>On 27/06/2012, Tom Fine wrote:
>>> Hi Don:
>>> This seems to be the recording of which you write:
>>> I listened to the sound sample, which is allegedly a "stereo" and to
>>> my ears, the music is coming just from the center (ie mono) but
>>> there's different disk surface noise on the left and right sides. I've
>>> heard more impressive Blumlein stereo, I think in a BBC radio
>>> documentary. Is there anything better on that CD?
>>It is certainly stereo on my equipment, but the Jupiter is not a very
>>suitable piece of music to demonstrate stereo. A piece with more solos
>>and a variety of percussion would be more obvious.
>>Maybe the download also loses by being an MP3 - a nasty format at best.
>>The other stereo material on the CD is the "Walking and Talking" tests.
>>Don Cox
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