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Sreven Smolian

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From: Noel Smith
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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Record collection

Hello All,

   I am the new owner of my Mother's record collection that spanned 50 years
of her life and I wish to see if any one out there has any desire to
purchase some of these as I am space limited but I did not want these to
just disappear.  There are many odd and lovely old records here including
early 78's all the way to newer LP's.  One set of 78's in a metal carry case
is related to Square dance music called Sets in Order Guest Caller series.
This obviously belonged to a DJ of sorts that went to Square dances.  There
are other records in the case that do not have the Guest caller and there
are other Square dance records in the case as well.  They all seem to be in
fair condition.  All in all I think we have about 10,000 records.  I am
going to try to create a list.  If you have any desires or items you are
looking for specifically, please forward your request and I will go through
the pile to see if we have what you may want...