I have five of the original Mackie HR-824s with an Energy subwoofer. I 
really like the system.

I don't know how Mackie changed the HR-824s when they became MK IIs.

If you're not using a sub, I think you really should go for the 824s, 
not the 624s.

I know many people love the Genelecs, too. My impression (and I have not 
listened to Genelecs much recently) was that the Mackies sounded 
smoother...but that is always subjective.



On 2012-06-06 2:57 PM, Grant, Tyra wrote:
> Greetings,
> We're evaluating studio monitors for our small (14'x14') audio room---with workstation close-to being against a wall.  We prefer to spend $1,500, more or less.
> We're focusing on 1) Mackie HR624 MkIIs and 2) Genelec 8030As
> Unfortunately, we have no way to test-run either of these---or any others for that matter.

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