Hi, Tyra,

This is a dead issue--unless you have CRT monitors, which I don't think 
anyone does anymore (except me).

Shielding in this instance refers to MAGNETIC shielding so that the 
magnets in the speakers don't affect the deflection of a TV set or 
computer monitor. LCD monitors don't care. It's also generally a "right 
next to" issue even with the CRT monitors. A few feet makes it go away 



On 2012-06-06 9:39 PM, Grant, Tyra wrote:
> One question: the Genelecs are supposed to be shielded and the Mackies
> don't seem to be.  We weren't sure---could this be a significant factor or
> is it just something that sounds good but in fact not worth all that much
> more in practical terms?

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