Mike, agree that arguments always arise, but it's important to mention NO ALCOHOL in whatever 
solution you use for shellac, right? Just in case someone doesn't know ...

BTW, now to wade into the inevitable argument ... I haven't tried it but it looks to me like the 
Spin-Clean would be a good low-cost solution for 78's

THAT SAID, if I were buying it, I would contact the company and ask them point-blank if they 
guarantee their solution is alcohol-free and safe for shellac before using it on your 78's.

The reason I like this machine is that it keeps the label dry but thoroughly soaks the groove area, 
and it's less sloppy than a slop-sink and sponge.

-- Tom Fine

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> To whom it may concern: wondering if someone knows how to clean vintage
> "Victor" records-a few have a green mold, most are just stored vertically in
> the area below the player. Also, would there be anyone in the Louisville,
> Ky area able to "check-out" the functions.many thanks, patrick

The "functions" of what????

There's very little in shellac records for mold to grow on.  The problem
possibly is with the sleeves, and especially the cardboard of any
albums.  It will probably clean off by cleaning them the usual way
(arguments always arise when record cleaning is mentioned) but the
sleeves and album covers will reinfect the cleaned records if they are
the problem.  And the wood and varnish of the player might also be a
problem.  The insides of the player need to be dried out, aired out, and
possibly sealed.  You don't mention the vintage of either the player or
the records.  Is it a wind-up and these are acoustical records, or is it
a modern console?  Stored in a damp basement?

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