Hi, Shai,

This is an interesting question. Yes, the Naks work well most of the 
time with C-120s, but I am seeing/being asked about enough oddball 
cassettes with issues that I think I need something else. I'm looking 
for something that will expose the head/tape interface during repro.

The things I am seeing are:
(a) Tapes that were recorded stretched (width ~ 100 mil vs 150 mil standard)
(b) Tapes that wind into a cone and jam in the shell due to differential 
(c) Tapes that have folds in them that people would like me to try and 
recover from
          I've had success with 1/2-inch and 1-inch acetate 4- and 
8-track tapes that were horrific
          with a hand-held velour pressure pad which was very effective.

I turned down cassettes in (c) because I didn't have an out-of-shell 
playback system.

I am also evaluating a more compact and cost-effective approach: the 
Sony APR-5000QC <smile>. I have a few spares of those around <smile>.



On 2012-06-25 4:11 AM, Shai Drori wrote:
> Isn't it only for QC of pancakes? Sounds like too much trouble and 
> risk. What about your Naks, they give you trouble with c-120? Mine 
> work like a dream.
> Shai
> בתאריך 25/06/12 2:54 AM, ציטוט Richard L. Hess:
>> An A80QC is one option, but expensive and big and has some of its own 
>> issues.

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