Ahh, the good old days. I used to line the insides of my CRTs with 
tinfoil (if you do this take care to leave vent holes for cooling) 
because of leaking RF, from the flyback transformer, I assume, CRTs used 
to cause serious "squealing" in most any audio devices nearby. I've used 
a similar technique with other audio devices that leak with great 
success. I'm with you Roderic. I do lots of video - it's funny how most 
of the digital studio video monitors ($8,000+) claim to "almost" match 
CRT color fidelity. CRTs blow LCDs out of the water but because of 
concerns about mercury are only available on the used market now.


On 6/6/12 7:52 PM, Roderic G Stephens wrote:
> Well, I DO still have a CRT monitor even sitting on top of my left three way speaker, but I put tin foil underneath to cut down on the lack of color purity (discolored on the bottom), but fortunately, I also have a flat screen I use for most of my feedback from one of my computers and my online Yamaha tuner/amp (it goes online to stream FM channels).  I'm even old tech in that I'm writing this using a Sceptre 16" P73 monitor with this old XP computer, although I did just update it to a full 2GB of memory.
> So, like Tom, I believe in keeping old technology running.  I'm even eventually going to replace the capacitors on my Teac tuner/amp that I replaced with my Yamaha.
> Rod Stephens

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