Isn't "The Colonel" the eccentric-sounding Brit playing records on

The article seemingly asks if a collection of 300 and 30,000 records a
"record".  I don't think so.

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> There was some very strange mumbles about the sale of Roger's collection and a general hissing campaign about CLPGS. As a member, albeit from afar, I've not had any problems and the items I got from the THorne auctions were OK, but the various comments and suggestions were rather distasteful and if not true highly defamatory. I am not going to wash any dirty laundry here and I am sure Mr Google can help you if the material is still live (it was at the start of the year). Some person using the handle "The Colonel" was rather active. All struck me as bizarre, with memory just refreshed by your post.

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> Whoa.
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