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> I hope this gets recorded.  joe salerno

I was able to videotape it.  Oliver was enthusiastic when I asked him if
I could tape it.  "I WANT it taped!"  He had a couple of comments about
the French that he wanted ARSC members to know since it seems a letter
to the editor of the Journal was rejected.  He is amazed that the French
idolize Edison but ignore their countrymen who REALLY invented sound
recording, Leon Scot de Martinville and Charles Cros.  

Still pictures will be up shortly on my facebook page.  The video will
take a while.

Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]  

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> From: Doug Pomeroy
> For those in or near near New York City, there will be a talk by the
> feisty Oliver Berliner, which should prove interesting to say the least.
>> “Emile Berliner: Pure Audio Magic” 

On 6/8/2012 5:37 PM, Michael Biel wrote:
> Leah and I will be there!!! I haven't seen Oliver in years. Thanks for
> the info, Doug.
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