Since several people asked and it might be of wider interest, I'll
post the info to the list.

The lp is Radio Gems GM-2, "Country Music On Radio: Original
Broadcasts from 1939 and 1954".  It seems to be one of those privately
pressed small run lps from the 70s or 80s; the label also put out a
couple of other lps of late 50s era shows.  There's no address or
other identifying info about the publisher on the disc.

Side two of the disc has a Webb Pierce hosted "Grand Ol' Opry"
broadcast they date from August 14, 1954; it sounds like it's from an
AFRTS version of the program dubbed from a fairly scratchy

Side one is the curio.  According to the liner notes, it's a broadcast
from Winter 1939 and is an aircheck of WSM.

I did some digging around among otr collectors and the earliest "Grand
Ol' Opry" broadcast listed at Goldin or seen circulating among
collectors is from 1942.  So, I was wondering what the earliest
complete or near complete program in the series might be that exists,
if this particular broadcast is documented, and if the dating is

The show has the intro cut out and all of the commercials except for
the last one in the program for Prince Albert Tobacco.  It also
includes, after the commercial, the last number and show outro, which
includes billboards for other NBC shows by the announcer and a
hand-rung version of the NBC chimes.  So it's the network segment of
the program.

To my ears, it does sound like an aircheck  (there's a bit of static
here and there) and varies in quality.  The way the show is edited
reminds me of other discs I've run into that were cut as airchecks by
commercial firms for artists or other associated with a series where
only the musical numbers were recorded for the client and the
commercials were omitted from the discs.  I was curious if this might
have been from a set of lacquers cut for someone working on the
program that was in the hands of a private collector, but didn't make
its way to an archives.  (I doesn't sound like a film soundtrack.)

The musical numbers are complete and there's patter in between the songs:
-Little Liza Jane - Roy Acuff (opening theme; music only, opening
announcement omitted)
-Lonesome Road Blues - Uncle Dave Macon
-Sally Goodin - Roy Acuff
-Swing the Ladies - Ford Rush
-Beautiful Brown Eyes - Roy Acuff
-It Always Tickles Me - Uncle Dave Macon
-Gray Bonnet - Roy Acuff
-Prince Albert commercial
-Little Liza Jane - Roy Acuff, with show closing, NBC chimes

The chimes, incidentally, sound hand-rung and in a different key
that's higher than other NBC chimes recordings from this period.


On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 12:01 AM, Michael Biel <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Randy Riddle <[log in to unmask]>wrote:
>>> I'm doing some research on a discography of old time radio programming
>>> released on vinyl. I've run into a rather unusual episode of the "Grand
>>> Ol' Opry" on one disc
> If this is a released LP, why not tell us the label and catalog number?
> From: David Lewis <[log in to unmask]>
>> Could you tell us more about the broadcast; where it originated from,
>> who's on it, etc?  Uncle Dave Lewis
> That information might help also.
>>> I've checked around otr collector circles and haven't seen this
>>> episode documented in circulation; it dates (supposedly) from 1939,
>>> but the earliest GOP programs among otr collectors is from around 1942.
> Are you sure this isn't the soundtrack of the feature film about the
> program?
>>> and was wondering if someone could contact me directly that's
>>> familiar with the 30s-40s era of the program and the episodes that
>>> survive from it in archives. (Or, a referral to which organization
>>> archives the program's broadcasts would be helpful.)  Randy
> Country Music Hall of Fame Library and Archive in Nashville, Jonathan
> Edwards Memorial Foundation in Atlanta, and the Archive of Folk Culture
> in the Library of Congress seem to be the obvious places to ask.
> Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]