Actually the small-hub 5-inch reels are not perfect for archival use,
slotless or not.  The hub is too small to be used on almost any
professional machine.  The machines are not designed for reels that have
hubs that small -- even using the "small" setting on the machines.  That
selection is mainly designed for the weight differences between 7 and 10
1/2 inch reels, and only secondarily on the hub size.  And they do not
expect as hub that small and a reel so lightweight, even when filled. 
Even the small Ampex 600 series portable could not use a small-hub
5-inch reel.  

For 600 feet of tape, a large-hub 7 1/2 inch reel is far, far superior.

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> I'm wondering if anybody knows a source for 5'' slotless reels with a small
> hub, meaning not the 3'' hubs which are undoubtedly more convenient but
> won't work for my purposes. The only ones I've ever seen were used by 3M
> for their 908 tape series (and probably others). These are perfect for
> archival use, but I've never seen something similar in the form of an empty
> reel...    Thanks,     Alex Kroh