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> Stan Freberg made some spots promoting radio over television
> back in the late 50's. 

Actually it was later than that, around 1965 for the Station
Representatives Association (SRA) in a series "Who Listens To Radio?" 
(Stan himself mis-remembered these spots as being for the Radio
Advertising Bureau, but I have the original disc.)

> (Although the dimensions in this example are dated, you'll get
> the idea.) He described a fantastic scene with lots of supportive sound
> effects. He then says, "You see, radio stretches your imagination." Someone
> then asks, "But doesn't television stretch your imagination?", to which
> Freberg replies, "Yes---up to 21 inches."  AZS

These lines were NOT on the spots.  They appear when he redid it as a
routine "Does Anybody Here Remember Radio?" on the Capitol LP
"Underground Radio Show Vol.1" in 1967  The "someone" was Stan's
daughter, Donna as the little girl who did not remember radio.  The old
lady who DID remember radio was June Foray.

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From:  Lou Judson
>> ... and radio producer friends who like to say "we have better
>> pictures in radio!" (meaning the imagination, if you don't know.)
Lou Houck wrote:
>> > I remember an old radio engineer who called TV
>> > "Pictures with bad audio."   Lou Houck