Sounds just like the demos the Ampex rep did at several studios in the 70s... But he also stood on one reel and had one of us press play! He spun right off...


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> Hi David,
> Can you tell me at which recent ARSC meeting Mike Spitz gave the
> demonstration to which you refer?   This is not something I would
> have missed had I known about it.
> Thanks.
> Doug
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>> Date:    Fri, 15 Jun 2012 14:35:23 -0700
>> From:    David Breneman <[log in to unmask]>
>> Subject: Re: 5'' Slotless reels
>> =0A=A0From: Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]>=0A=0A=0A> You should con=
>> tact Mike Spitz at ATR Services about that. He can tune up an ATR =0A> so y=
>> ou can have a =0A> 14" reel on one side and a 3" reel on the other, with Sc=
>> otch 111 =0A> ancient brittle tape, and it will =0A> play and fast-wind jus=
>> t fine. He demonstrated that very setup at the recent ARSC =0A> meeting. Mi=
>> ke said =0A> the many ATRs left the factor not quite right adjusted, and th=
>> ey get worse with =0A> time.=0A=0AThe US-built Ampex ATR-102 can certainly =
>> do that, but I don't think the ATR-700 can,=0Aas it was a "hot-rodded" Teac=
>> design.=A0 My ATR-800 (designed by Ampex and built by=0ATeac) certainly ca=
>> n.=A0 It's a constant-tension machine and has no reel-size switch.=0AI spoo=
>> led paper leader between a 3" reel and a 10-1/2" reel as a test before I=0A=
>> transferred a friend's tape from a 3" reel and you could slap the shuttle l=
>> ever=0Aback and forth, pop it in and out of play from fast wind, and rock t=
>> he reels by=0Aturning just one reel, all with no problems.
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