Try doing it over.  Give the tape a half-twist so what was the front is now
facing the heads.

Steve Smolian

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Hi, Robert,

Please listen to:

There is one file there. Please right-click and "save [whatever] as".

This is pretty much the extent that can be done with cleanup--others may
provide a better cleanup (and if they can, I'd love to know what tools they
use). I don't think it's where you want it. I used the following tools in
   -- Samplitude Pro X Suite FFT filter with hard bandlimiting to telephone
bandwidth (300 - 3000 Hz).
   -- Sum to Mono in Samplitude Pro X Suite
   -- Samplitude Pro X Restoration Suite noise reducer
   -- Algorithmix Noise Free Pro with custom equalization in the noise
reduction side chain

However, I am very curious about how this tape was reproduced. What was the
playback machine?

I would think if playback artifacts were less (if possible) then just maybe
it can be cleaned to intelligibility for transcription.

It is a huge frustration of mine that archivists are left with such poor
recordings of important people.

While I don't think this is the case, is there any chance the tape is
twisted and it's being reproduced through the back?

Good luck with this.



On 2012-06-20 10:35 AM, Robert Richard wrote:
> Arsclist,
> I'm currently digitizing an 1999 audio analogue folklore fieldwork
recording. This recording has a very low audio level (unusable).
> If any possibilities of recovering this recording, do you have
suggestions? The content of this recording is more important than the
quality or cosmetic.
> I've link an excerpt for your appreciation on my website:
> Thanks in advance for all replies.
> Robert Richard
> Centre d'études acadiennes Anselme-Chiasson
> Université de Moncton
> Moncton (Nouveau-Brunswick)
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